Open Source Project


Non-commercial Open Source projects can qualify for free license to AVBlocks provided that they meet a set of simple criteria:

  • You have to be a project lead or a regular committer.
  • Your OS project meets the Open Source definition.
  • You do not perform any paid support, consulting or training services for your OS project, and you do not distribute paid versions of your OS software.
  • Your OS project is in active development for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Your OS project’s community is active. This means that you have recent activity in your newsgroups or forums.
  • Your OS project has a website including either a regularly updated News section or links to social network account(s) where project updates are posted.
  • You release updated builds on a regular basis.
  • Your license is a commercial use friendly license (i.e. not GPL, AGPL, LGPL, MPL or any other copyleft license).
  • License issued for 1 year.
  • Must apply again to renew.

Please contact AVBlocks Sales.